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On Friday last week, I got an email from a producer asking me to appear on Radio 4’s Today programme to talk about shop fronts.

It’s not the first time I’ve been invited to talk about shop fronts, I run a blog called London Shop Fronts, which documents London through the shop fronts that line its streets, and some people really love it.

The piece came about after one of the Today programme team had been looking at the spruced up shop fronts in Leyton, and the premise was a discussion with Paul Murphy from Shop Jacket on: “Are we seeing a resurgence of more crafted and traditional shop sign manufacturing? Is this a deliberate move away from the cheap and plastic look?”

Being driven around in cars with blacked-out windows and the chance to sit in a BBC radio studio and talk live on air was a lot of fun (and my dad was well impressed). The piece was pretty short and with a programme focused on the European election results, it was more of a light interlude. I could have talked for hours about what I think about the many schemes to reinvigorate the high street and my love of shop fronts, find me in the pub and I’ll tell you more!