Hello I’m Emily

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meinbrusselsI’m an agile / lean consultant and coach as Tacit, with a focus on agile development and learning organisations. I used to be the Head of Agile Delivery at Government Digital Service (GDS), where I was previously an agile portfolio manager and programme delivery manager. Before that I’ve been an agile software delivery manager/agile project manager for quite a few years, as well as an and event producer and an art student, you can see all that on LinkedIn.

In 2016 I wrote a book about Building successful communities of practice and help organisations build their own.

I also set up and ran an online community/social network for people who live in the London borough that I used to, Hackney. It’s called Yeah! Hackney (now closed).

I have a photo blog too, where I post my collection of photos shop fronts in London. That’s called London Shop Fronts.

I co-founded an agile meetup called Agile on the Bench and in the past have help run a few meetups in the past, like: Agile in Leeds; twee8, a Hackney social meetup that ran from 2008 to 2014; wpldn and wp-hooked both meetups for WordPress developers.

You’ll find me on other social networks too, like twitter, flickr or instagram.

I love vintage scooters and minis, wave if you see a lime green vespa 50 special, a blue Lambretta J125 or a navy mini.

I’m married to Stephen, and have cats called Evie Dave and Eric.

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me a line below.

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