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I’ve been running a friendly, low-tech, lunchtime Agile meet up in a park since Nov 2014, if you want to know more about it, have a look over here.

One of the things that we’ve done since the start is to give our lovely attendees badges. And not the same badge, it’s a different design every time.

Why badges? It’s a little memento of the meetup and everyone* loves a badge. We’ve had 15 meetups so far and I thought it was time to share the designs in one place.

While I’m at it, here’s a thank you to those that have spoken at an Agile on the Bench so far (in order of appearance):

Amy Wagner, David Lowe, Chris Young, Emily Webber, Darchi Dutcher, Craig Strong, Will Reddin, Sarah Henderson, Rujuta Teredesai, Georg Fasching, Mike Laurie, Jenny Martin, Amani El Sheikh, Jiten Vara, Carli Deysel, Alex Jackson, Steve Parks, Adam Maddison, Kaminski Pawel, Anjoli Dey, Michael May, Julia Bellis, Laura Kirsop, Stephen Walker, James Wyllie, Hannah Steedman, David Leech, Cara Bermingam (my co-host) and everyone that’s jumped up to do a lightning talk, asked questions or taken part in Agile question time.

If you want to hear some inspiring ideas from some wonderful speakers, sign up over here

And here’s a sneak peak of what badge design you might get


*not absolutely everyone