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Emily Webber on stage at Mind the Product London 2018
Photo from Mind the Product

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Emily is an experienced public speaker who has spoken at various agile, product and technology conferences around the world.

She speaks on the topics of agile, lean, digital, people, organisations and communities of practice. Below are upcoming and previous public speaking engagements.

Please get in touch if you want to invite me to speak at your conference or event.

Upcoming public appearances

Speaker bio

Coach, consultant and trainer for agile delivery and digital transformation. Passionate about people, communities and learning. The author of “Building Successful Communities of Practice”.

You can view Emily’s full speaker bio here

Audience Feedback

“Amazing keynote, extremely good slides, lots of humour made it entertaining, and important message! One of my favourite talks this year.”

participant at People, principles and pragmatism

“great session Emily with easy to implement takeaways. Thanks a million. #TuringFest”

Billy McDiarmid

“A wonderful keynote to kick off @agilemanc day 2 from @ewebber with important messages and numerous amusing animals. #AgileManc”

Matt Eyre

“Fabulous keynote from @ewebber on people & pragmatism. Really thought provoking stuff & super engaging #agilemanc

Jenny Martin

“Moving @ewebber’s book on Communities of Practice to the top of my tsundoku pile after her very practical #lascot16 talk”

Ellen Grove

“Feeling inspired by @ewebber to thank folks building communities of practice at @PinterestEng. Thankful to my fellow sr women devs! #yow16”

Andrea Burbank

Previous appearances






  • Agile Testing Days (keynote), Potsdam Germany. People, principles and pragmatism | slides | video
  • ASAS (conference) Arhnem, The Netherlands. Communities of Practice, the missing piece of your Agile organisation | slides
  • TODO (meetup), London UK. The Value Of Communities Of Practice
  • Offgrid Sessions (conference), Essex UK. How Big Change Comes in Small Packages
  • Agile on the Bench (meetup), London UK. What learning to knit reminded me about learning
  • Google Firestarters (meetup), London UK. Scaling learning through communities in digital transformations | slides
  • CukeUp! London (keynote), London UK. The Power of the Community of Practice | slides
  • New Crafts conference, Paris France. Communities of Practice, the missing piece of your Agile organisation | slides
  • Agile Manchester (keynote), Manchester UK. People, principles and pragmatism | slides
  • Craft (conference), Budapest Hungary. Communities of Practice, the missing piece of your Agile organisation | slides
  • UX Budapest (meetup), Budapest Hungary. Three ways to break down silos in your agile organisation | slides | video
  • Agile in the city Birmingham (conference), Birmingham UK. Workshop: Are your standups and retrospectives really working? | slides
  • Agile on the Bench (meetup), London UK. Avoiding groupthink and echo chambers: diversity and the multidisciplinary team (with Lakshan Saldin)




  • Agile 25×20 (meetup), London UK. What learning how to ride motorbikes taught me about being agile | slides
  • Agile Cambridge (conference), Cambridge UK, Building a Delivery Community

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