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In a previous post, I wrote about Quick icebreakers for online meetings, (that don’t suck). In that post, I mentioned that I love using the Think Links game created by Edward de Bono to get people to think creatively and get the ice broken.

This week I have turned the game into a Miro board to be easily added to any online meeting.

A screenshot of the Think Links Miro board with instructions and a depiction of cards laid out
A screenshot of the Think Links Icebreakers Miro board

These two quick lateral thinking icebreaker games will help participants flex their creative thinking muscles before jumping into your workshops. I love that they help get people checked into the session and open up new ways of thinking, particularly good if you want creativity in your workshop.

The board uses illustrations that I created to update the game, licenced under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence.

You can get your own copy of the board from the Miroverse here:


The game is based on the de Bono methods, which are a means of breaking old patterns and creating new ones. They don’t tell you what to think but show you how to think for yourself, both creatively and inclusively. Learn more at