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Emily Webber

Agile and digital delivery consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. Author of Building Successful Communities of Practice. Passionate about people, communities and learning.

Company: Tacit


Company website: tacitlondon.com

Blog: emilywebber.co.uk
twitter: @ewebber


Emily is an experienced consultant, specialising in agile and delivery approaches and organisations that support people to do their best work. She has helped organisations in the public and private sectors create sustainable change through hands-on coaching, consulting and training.

Before setting up her company, Tacit, in 2014, she was the Head of Agile Delivery at Government Digital Service (GDS), where she built, developed and led a fantastic team of ~40 Agile delivery professionals and set the standard of effective agile delivery. At GDS, she modelled the now widely-followed approach to communities of practice and has since authored Building Successful Communities of Practice.

Emily is a popular keynote speaker, blogger (at emilywebber.co.uk) and event organiser. Speaking appearances include Mind the Product London, GOTO Copenhagen, Agile Testing Days Berlin, YOW! Australia and Craft Budapest. Emily set up Agile in Leeds, Agile on the Bench and Agile in the Ether, among others. Her experiences on the event circuit prompted her to create the Diversity Charter.

She has a passion for vintage scooters and has too many side projects.

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