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***Post updated 29th Sept 2023 with new name***

I have recently relocated to a new area, and I’m starting another new meetup*.

I was born in London and lived there all my life, aside from a few years at art college. We decided to make a move to the northwest a couple of years back and finally made it in August. We are a hop over the Mersey from Liverpool. Now, instead of the constant roar of traffic and screaming foxes, we have a clear view out to the sea and flocks of starlings. Boat-watching is my new fascination.

When we got here, I searched for agile and digital-related meetups in my local area so I could get to know some people in the area. And I couldn’t find any, so I set one up! Originally, it was called Agile Liverpool, and after testing the waters, I broadened it out to a wider group and renamed it Liverpool Digital People.

It’s been brilliant meeting new people in the area; people were really happy to see something pop up, especially if they are working remotely and want to spend some time with real people in the pub.

It’s moved from some evening talks to a mix of socials and online as we test out different ideas and formats.

If you are in Merseyside, join us!

* I think that takes my tally of starting or hosting meetups to seven.