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I recently started a newsletter digest of blog posts and articles I like. I started doing it to read more blog posts again; committing to sending something out helps keep me on track and is similar to something I regularly did back when I was at GDS (archived by Tom Banister here). People have started subscribing and telling me how much they appreciate it too, which is an added bonus.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing common themes and reading other people’s musings on topics that resonate with me, and for now, I will keep doing it.

Screenshot of the newsletter Posts from Awesome Folks issue #18

Screenshot of the (long) newsletter

Some love for blogs

It is worth adding a little love for blogging and bloggers; when I started looking to grow the list of blogs I follow, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be and harder to look outside of my bubble. It made me wonder if people still blog, or is it all about Twitter threads? Well, yes some do (thank you bloggers ❤️) and lots of people still read them, so I am not alone.

Saying that, I would love to grow my list more, so if you have blogs you read that are related to people and culture, organisations and systems, setting and measuring goals or tools and approaches for teams, then please share them with me below.

You can subscribe to my newsletter here (updated from the Revue platform to the Beehiiv platform).