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During a recent project we wanted to get input from a range of people on a set of principles that had been produced. As there were 6 to get through the challenge was to get a broad range of input in a short amount of time and come out with some consensus.

How we organised the workshop

We had 12 people in the workshop, we tackled 3 principles per workshop and set the workshops to be 1.5 hours each.

  • Printed out the headline principles and stuck then on the wall in 3 corners of the room; Board A, B and C.
  • Added 2 additional A3 sheets for each: good examples and bad examples
  • Split the group into 3 and let them mini workshop one principle each: Giving them 15 mins to write post it’s individually and 10 mins to discuss.
  • The mini groups then split again and went to a principle they hadn’t visited, this created 3 new mini groups
  • They new groups had a further 15 mins to discuss what was already on the board and add to the existing ideas
  • Finally everyone then went to the principle they hadn’t visited for a final round

After which someone at each board presented what was there for any clarification or discussion.

What we found from the workshop

It was a nice was for everyone to have a chance to contribute, but having mini workshops helped keep them focussed.  It is something I will try out again.