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I have been very busy recently writing a book (currently) called Building successful communities of practice: Discover how learning together makes better organisations. It’s been in progress since September and I’m planning on publishing it early next year.

While that’s being finished off I have created a community of practice maturity model, which is available for anyone to download on my company website

The Community of Practice Maturity Model will help you identify where your community is in its development and how you can help move it towards becoming a self-sustaining community of practice. If you are running a Community of Practice, thinking about setting one up or just generally interested in the topic, take a look. If you want to be the first to know when the book is available, use the same link to sign up to my mailing list.

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  1. Great presentation on GOTO 2016.

    I’m going to read your book for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!

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