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In 2016, I first introduced the Team Onion model (as the Agile Team Onion). Since then, it’s had a few iterations and now has a new website home of its own at

The Team Onion is a model to keep teams small, break down silos and create shared responsibility across team boundaries. I first talked about it at a meetup ahead of Agile Manchester in 2016, after which it became a short e-book.

As the model has been out in the wilds for a while and has a few fans, I spent a bit of time talking to users to see how they used the model and the value it gave them. Even though I created the model, I bring a whole heap of assumptions and experiences that colours the way I see it, so it was great to get an insight into how other people adapt it to work for them. It also reassured me that the model was not so opinionated that it only suited one scenario.

I used those insights to update the guidance and write some scenarios to add to the new website at, which I launched last month.

Since the launch, I have also added some tools, which include a Miro board and a set of slides, both of which can be accessed here. The (updated) book will be coming soon.