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The Team Onion model now has a new home

Team onion model with core, collaborators and supporters

Reading Time: < 1 minute In 2016, I first introduced the Team Onion model (as the Agile Team Onion). Since then, it’s had a few iterations and now has a new website home of its own. The Team Onion is a model to keep teams small, break down silos and create shared responsibility across team boundaries. I first talked about …

Communities of practice

Community of Practice Kick-off Canvas (with Miro template)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Another day, another Miro template. I have now published my Community of Practice Kick-off Canvas on the Miroverse. The Tacit community of practice kick-off canvas helps get your community started or reset using a canvas framework that guides you through six questions. It helps you to: Define your community name Identify who the community is …

Agile and Lean

The team collaboration party game

Reading Time: 3 minutes I recently put a workshop together to take a new team through to help describe some important agile concepts including the benefits of working collaboratively and swarming on tasks; the value of communication; how to self-organise; how limiting work in progress achieves more value and what we mean by T-shaped teams. The workshop itself was a …

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The Team Onion: A short (free) ebook

The Team onion, a model for collaborating beyond the agile team

Reading Time: < 1 minute After my talk and post in May, I have now turned the Team Onion (formally the Agile Team Onion) into a free ebook. The Team Onion model is a way of helping collaboration between Agile teams and the rest of your organisation, to lead to successful delivery. It’s a short book (around 3000 words) and …