Posters to show how awesome communities of practice are

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Update, the posters are no longer available, but you can learn more about communities of practice in my book and you can download my community of practice tools and templates here.

If you regularly read my blog, then you will know that communities of practice are my specialist subject and core to a lot of the work that I do. I help lots of organisations who are building their specialist skills in digital and agile delivery and those communities form an essential foundation for just that.

To help organisations show the value of communities of practice and engage both members and supporters, I have created a set of posters. I’ll be putting them up around the places where I work. I have also made them available on my company website, should you want to get a set of your own over here


  1. Hi Emily, thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources with us! These are awesome minimalist, and beautiful posters. I would love to download them, but they are not available among the tools and downloads on your Tacit website.
    How can I get them?

    • Emily Webber

      22 March 2023 at 4:19 pm

      Hi Lena,
      thanks for your message, I have now taken them off sale for the moment, drop me a message on the contact form on the about page and we’ll chat.

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