Building Successful Communities of Practice

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As you may know from previous posts, I’ve been busy writing a book called “Building Successful Communities of Practice: Discover How Connecting People Makes Better Organisations”.

The book is now ready and you can now buy it both on kindle and as a paperback (print on demand) book.

As well as being available to buy on Amazon UK and buy on Amazon US, it is also available globally on Amazon and through other booksellers, please use the book title to search.

Here are what people are saying about it:

“A good book to read for all, whether you’re part of a community, a seasoned community leader or someone new to the role. It’s also good for people in roles (like operations or finance) that support communities from the outside. It’s a quick read and will give a lot of context.”

“A great launch pad from which to get started with Communities of Practice in your organisation!”

If you want to catch me speaking about content from the book, please check out my public speaking page to see where I will be.


  1. how could I have a copy of this pls ?

  2. Hi Emily,

    thank you for writing this book in the simplest and easiest way possible. Your book really helped me in understanding the basics about CoPs and to spread the idea behind it to our company. Now we have 7 running CoPs and all of them are doing really well 😉 Next step is to conduct a session with our Community Leads with focus on “Exchange of experiences, best practices, lessons learned”.


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