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A while back, I created this sticker and was reminded of it this week during a meetup, so I thought I’d share it here.

During the meetup I host, Agile in the Ether, last week, someone asked the question, “How do you help make decisions stick? I struggle with things getting decided then forgotten, revisited, and reinterpreted.” during this conversation, someone else shared this sticker as it chimed with them, particularly when thinking about decisions being revisited.

So many times, I see people get stuck into talking about tools rather than real challenges and opportunities. I get it, it’s easier to dig into the pros and cons of a tool or jump to a tool as a solution rather than deal with the hard stuff, but it can distract from what matters, and nothing is as heated as a debate about Jira.

It’s worth remembering that tools are only there to support the interactions and needs of people or teams. Now isn’t there something written in some manifesto about that somewhere? 🤔

If you want to print some stickers yourself, you can use my print-ready pdf here.