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The Diversity Charter, because diversity makes events better

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I realise that I haven’t blogged about one of my latest projects, the diversity charter (although I’ve tweeted about it quite a bit).

This came about after this blog post about considerations for event organisers and frustrations at seeing the same people at conferences. I created it to make people think about how the impact that they can have in making events more diverse, whether they are event organisers, speakers, people that attend events or venues.

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Considerations for more diverse conferences

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I have been thinking about barriers to diversity at conferences a lot recently. This is sparked by a few things, including my own recent conference submissions, an experiment that I carried out recently that let people encourage their friends to speak and conversations on the topic. Here is the round up of some of that thinking and things for conferences to consider to reduce those barriers.

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Agile On The Bench, Successes And Learnings

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Recently I blogged about the Agile on the Bench conference, a minimum viable conference in a campsite that I ran with David Lowe. It happened last Saturday, 25th July and it was an awesome day. The speakers and audience were fantastic and, much like our lunchtime events, the sun came out, despite the heavy rain the day before. In my last post I talked about what we were trying to achieve and here I’ll talk about the successes, what we learnt, where we could improve and share the conference budget.

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