Terms of usage and change log for the kanban spreadsheet in google docs

Terms of usage

You are free to create your own copy of the spreadsheet and use it under this Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence. Emily Webber and associated company Tacit London Ltd take no responsibility for decisions made using the calculations made using this or a copy of the spreadsheet, any changes, data or decisions made using the spreadsheet are entirely the responsibility of the individual or organisation using it. Emily Webber will not be responsible for making changes to your copy of the spreadsheet based on improvements to the original made or to fit your own needs.

If you would like to discuss Emily creating a bespoke version or with help in understanding how to use it or implement it, please get in touch to request a quote.

17th March 2017: Version 3.10

  • Minor tweaks to layout

28th January 2017: Version 3.9

  • Updated the data over time sheet with: column G renamed to “Working days”, column A renamed to “Day completed”
  • Cell G7 updated to take the date from cell A7 (the first day you record data)
  • Some tweaks to words and layout

2nd June 2015: Version 3.8

  • Updates to fix the time since blocked formula

22nd March 2015: Version 3.7

  • Updates to the process control chart to a new google chart format and focus on features only
  • Minor other tweaks

18th March 2015: Version 3.6

  • Minor tweaks

9th March 2015: Version 3.5

  • Added a validation sheet that allows an easy name change of work item types, this updates the drop down on the work items sheet, an update to the lead time and defects sheets and the defects sheet. (it can’t change the sheet names, but renaming them won’t break anything)

9th March 2015: Version 3.5

  • Added an overall lead time chart and related data sheet
  • Added an “About this tool” page

9th March 2015: Version 3.4

  • Minor updates of formulas
  • Minor updates of messages

8th March 2015: Version 3.3

  • Updated the messages on the document and removed some sheets that weren’t being used anymore (Overview and Idea to completion cycle time)

8th February 2015: Version 3.2

  • Updated data over time to work daily instead of weekly, this means that the formulas in projected dates have been updated to show daily (if it’s a weekday), this creates changes to all the forecasted dates.

3rd January 2015: Version 3.1

  • Added in a sheet called “Backlog growth” that shows how many features and defects have been added to make the backlog grow over time
  • Added in a sheet called “defects” that shows the number of defects added over time as well as the number of defects added per week
  • Both sheet rely on pressing backup defects and features button or adding a timer to the script to automate it

16th November 2014: Version 3.0

  • I have moved the graphs around to make them more contextual, the process control chart is now with the data, the lead time and delivery rate / WIP charts also have their own tab
  • The lead time graphs now have a variable date in them, so you can compare lead times over specific periods of time, this helps see how it’s changed during different phases of a project
  • Added feature and defect type to the work item sheet, this creates the two lead time charts

14th November 2014: Version 2.3

  • I have made changes to the graphs to show a smoother cycle time and lead time distribution

17th July 2014: Version 2.2

  • with the assistance of Dan Brown (aka @kanbandan), I have added a forecasting tool, to use this update the relevant cells and see how it affects your project

30th June 2014: Version 2.1

  • I have added a process control chart sheet and graph to see where things are taking longer or less time

27th June 2014: Version 2.0

27th October 2013: Version 1.3

  • I have updated the delivery rate formula on the data over time sheet as they weren’t quite right. It now uses NETWORKDAYS to calculate the number of working days since the start of the project

24th September 2013: Version 1.2

  • I have added the script to hide items with “Done” or “Deleted” in column D to keep things a bit tidier once you have a lot of stories
  • I have also added the script to unhide all rows if you want to see your done stories again

7th September 2013: Version 1.1

  • I have added a sheet called “Story Blockers” that pulls out blockers and counts the total as well as those over priority 10
  • I added a script to collect the blocker data is weekly which feeds the  Blockers over time graph on the dashboard.
  • I have changed the name of the sheet collecting weekly data, which is also reflected in the script