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Webber Walker Wedding Week Notes (weeks 8 and 9)

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Following on in the wedding week notes series and continuing the theme of week notes every other week, here is what has happened:

What we achieved in the last 2 weeks.

  • we picked up our gorgeous wedding rings from the lovely Maya Magal
  • we spoke to a florist about flowers
  • I got crafty and made a paper bouquet for the wedding instead
  • feeling inspired I made more paper flowers for the bridal party and button holes for wedding guests
  • I got even more crafty and started making wristbands for the party (with my lovely new sewing machine – thanks mum)
  • we sorted out drinks and nibbles for the party
  • we sorted out a bouncer for the party
  • Stephen sorted out DJ set up for the party
  • we bought a photobooth app (that we will use) for the party
  • we sent our wedding guests details for the day
  • we started a playlist for the party (when the DJs aren’t on)

What are we going to do in the next 2 weeks

  • finish off the wrist bands
  • finish off the party playlist
  • send out reminder emails for the party (just one month to go)
  • work out the car situation – fix it or find a back up plan

Future/ongoing stuff

  • Emily’s hen do
  • get married
  • have a party

What’s blocking / worrying us

  • the mini won’t start
  • the hairdressers didn’t mention that the stylist I had booked in has left the organisation, plan b is to do my own hair

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