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Webber Walker Wedding Week Notes (weeks 6 and 7)

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Following on in the wedding week notes series and continuing the theme of week notes every other week, here is what has happened:

What we achieved last 2 weeks.

  • Stephen bought a suit
  • Stephen bought a tie for him and his bestman
  • Stephen bought shoes
  • Stephen ordered his fancy custom shirt
  • Sent some more invites to the party
  • Got a full rundown of what happens at the ceremony from the registrar
  • Confirmed the rings from the lovely Maya Magal
  • Asked some awesome friends to take photos on the day
  • Downloaded a photobooth app for the party

What are we going to do in the next 2 weeks

  • Think about button holes / flowers
  • Send out some extra info for the day
  • Chase those who still haven’t RSVP’d
  • Agree beer / nibbles for the party
  • Dress alterations for the party dress

Future/ongoing stuff

  • Wedding rings made
  • Some other party fun arrangements
  • Get married
  • Have a party

What’s blocking / worrying us

  • The mini has decided it doesn’t start, we may need a backup plan

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