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Webber Walker Wedding Week Notes (weeks 4 and 5)

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I skipped the week notes last week as we are so organised we didn’t have much to say, we are not far off having everything in place, so we are ready to sit back and relax until September.

What we achieved last 2 weeks.

  • Gave notice
  • Fixed the mini fan – it now doesn’t overheat, this is a good thing
  • Got the dress altered – it’s not all good to go
  • Bought a dress for the party (because you can never have too many dresses)
  • Sent invites to the party – just a few stragglers not responded
  • Booked lunch on the day
  • Booked dinner on the day
  • Asked some lovely friends to DJ
  • Got some ribbon for the wedding mini
  • Stephen ordered a suit

What are we going to do next week

  • Stephen to get his suit

Future/ongoing stuff

  • Wedding rings made
  • Agree beer / nibbles for the party
  • Some other party fun arrangements
  • Get married
  • Have a party

What’s blocking / worrying us

  • Nothing really, which is nice.

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