Public Speaking

300 Seconds: A series of lightening talks aimed at women speakers

Back in February I saw an opportunity on twitter to talk at a fantastic event called 300 seconds. The event is series of lightening talks (300 seconds, or 5 minutes to be precise) on any subject aimed at women speakers. I’ve been looking for more chances to speak in public, so I signed up straight away.

Agile and Lean

Hunt and Darton: a model for an agile cafe

Hunt and Darton recently opened a cafe close to where I live. I was initially interested as good coffee two minutes away from my flat is very appealing, but a visit to the cafe revealed a bit more; a cafe in Hackney with an agile sensibility and the heart of an artist (a little bit …

Agile and Lean

The benefits of agile approach: a short workshop

Post written by Emily Webber and David Mann Held at the BBC, Digital Bristol Week, was a series of talks, workshops and events to introduce new ways of working and best practice to the creative industries of the South West. We were invited by Kevin O’Malley from Connecting Bristol to run a session about agile development.

Agile and Lean, Government

The role of the agile wall at GDS

I have been a little quiet of late while settling in to my new job at Government Digital Services (GDS), but I did publish a post about the role of the agile wall over on the GDS blog. Read more it below, original published over here: -o0o- As Mark mentioned in his blog post last week, …

web services

Group tweeting, Moderating and Scheduling (for free)

In my role as local tweeter and community manager on my side project yeah! Hackney, I’ve been looking for tools to help with group tweeting and moderation. I wanted to start a trial allowing specific people to easily submit tweets without having to switch between accounts, but for me to also be able to review …

Agile and Lean

Tracking Lean Projects: Cumulative Flow Diagrams

This week I ran a session with my project management colleagues, which centered around Cumulative Flow Diagrams and how they can help with tracking projects that use Kanban and lean methodologies.

web services

Pushover: Smartphone Push Notifications for Web Applications

I came across Pushover recently when IFTTT announced it as a new channel. Pushover is an iOS and Andriod app that can send push notifications to your phone from other web services. It’s currently integrated with a bunch of great existing services (like IFTTT, GitHub and Adium) and you can build your own integrations with their …

Agile and Lean

Sigh-ned off wire frames

Being agile isn’t always easy on all client projects. A project manager colleague and I came across a familiar problem recently, being handed a project with signed off wireframes for the whole site (not to mention a hard deadline and agreed days – but I won’t go into the project manager triangle right now). Signed off wireframes acts …

web services

IFTTT and it’s new channels

IFTTT sent their first newsletter out this week, exciting times and a indication of the growth of this service. IFTTT is a pretty impressive. “…a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: If This Then That” It’s a way for anyone to create really simple interactions across a number of predefined channels. …