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Organising a wedding (and keeping agile): Week 1

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The lovely Stephen and I have decided to tie the knot. We have decided to do it low-key, quickly and not spend a lot of money on the day (which could be put to much better use buying scooters), while still having a fun party. As a couple that include an agile delivery person and a designer, in theory it should be easy. So here is how we are doing it:

The ceremony is going to be a small registry office affair. After the ceremony we are going to jump in our mini and set off to stay in a hotel for the night. A few days later we’re going to come back and have a party with friends and family.

We’re keeping track using trello and picking up actions that we can fit in around our day jobs. The constraints are mainly around things lining up timings wise; we can’t book the ceremony without having booked a notice appointment, which has to happen at least 16 days before the wedding. We want the party to be close to the ceremony date, but we can be flexible. As we are keeping it small, there isn’t loads of organising to do (no table settings to worry about).

The important factor is to get the things booked in that need more lead time (e.g. ceremony and venue), and so reduce any risks / stress. We can then worry about the other bits as and when we need to.

15th June 2014

What we achieved last week.

We got a lot done in a week:

  • Stephen proposed
  • We chose and bought an engagement ring from a Addy’s vintage on Etsy
  • Then instagramed it to the world
  • Emily bought a vintage dress from Etsy
  • Emily bought some shoes
  • Decided on a date
  • We fixed an appointment to see a jeweller about wedding rings
  • We booked the appointment to give notice
  • We contacted 4 venues about the party
  • We started a budget spreadsheet (which we may well share later)
  • We started a party invite list to get an idea about numbers
  • Emily arranged to talk to a hairdresser about hairdos
  • We sent in the booking form for the ceremony
  • Booked a hotel to stay in on the evening
  • We made a Trello board for it
  • Started work on a Splashthat website for the party RSVPs

What are we going to do next week

  • Get the dress (if UPS gets it here) and book in alterations if needed
  • Go and see some venues for the party
  • Pay for the ceremony with the registry office
  • Talk to the hairdresser about hairdos

Future/ongoing stuff

  • Ring design – meeting the jeweller on 23rd June to discuss it
  • Stephen to sort out what he is wearing
  • design and send email invites to the party
  • Book the venue / booze / food
  • If the dress isn’t all that I’d hoped for, I’ll need to find another (but have left plenty of time for that)

What’s blocking / worrying us

  • The mini is not working
  • Just making sure all the timings work together as some things are sequential
  • Working full time means we don’t always have the time to see things

I’ll blog as we go. Here’s hoping that we can get the bulk of the wedding organised in just a few weeks!


  1. Firstly congrats!

    Suzi & I had a lovely little wedding, didn’t find that lack of chair covers etc made any difference to the day and you would be amazed at how many flowers you can buy from the supermarket for the price of a single formal bouquet from a florist. Having said that did spend quite a bit hiring a 1949 Bedford OB coach though!

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