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Agile (and other) teams are made up of people with different capabilities together into one multidisciplinary team, collaborating daily towards a common goal.

This workshop is a game that helps people play at creating multidisciplinary teams while thinking about capability needs, learning opportunities and constraints.

The multidisciplinary team

Building teams with the right people and capabilities while providing essential learning opportunities can be a nuanced conversation, especially if you look beyond the given job titles.

Not only should multidisciplinary teams collaborate towards a common goal, but they should also be committed to the team full-time and small enough to communicate effectively with each other.

This means that people may play more than one role on the team. The great thing is that people are unique, and they have different capabilities that don’t always fit within their given job title.

Learning outcomes of the workshop

This workshop helps people think about creating multidisciplinary teams that focus on bringing the right knowledge, skills, and experience together rather than building teams based on job titles.

  • Understand that people’s capabilities go further than their job title.
  • Learn how to think about the capabilities needed and match people to those.
  • How to get the most out of the capabilities you have available.
  • Find learning opportunities to grow capabilities.

You can find the workshop here: