Five Questions to Measure Success (a Miro board)

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A Miro workshop, created with Jamie Arnold, that takes you from vision to measures, identifying your outcomes along the way.

In 2018, while working with Jamie, something I always enjoy doing, we scribbled down these six questions on blue post-it notes, outcome-focused questions to get a team thinking about how they might describe success and to get them away from focusing on deliverables.

We’ve both used them in different forms since then, and now five years later, we have put our builds on these questions together, dropped a question and made it into a workshop that anyone can use now on the Miroverse called 5 Questions to Measure Success.

Screenshot of the Miroverse showing the board 5 Questions to Measure Success

About the workshop

The workshop promotes outcomes over outputs and helps a team focus on the change they want to see, align on what success looks like and identify ways to measure it — starting with 5 questions.

Head over here to grab a copy

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I almost jumped out of my chair when I read “how will people feel?” This conditions is almost always ignored in change initiatives (at least the ones I see others leading) – as if people are algorithmic and with a few logic tweaks, we can achieve improved or idealized behavior. MUCH appreciated!



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