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Yay, people do blog; here are some great ones to follow

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For the last 9 months, I have been collating and sharing blog posts in a weekly newsletter called Posts from Awesome Folks*. I recommend doing it; it helps me keep up to date with what’s on people’s minds.

I have amassed a collection of RSS feeds and shared posts from around 350 authors around the themes of people and culture, organisations and systems, setting and measuring goals and, tools and approaches for teams. These posts come from both individual and organisational blogs, proving that people still blog. I love that people do; I write on my own blog, and I like the permanence of them over social media threads.

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2015 a year for learning (and MOOCs)

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2015 is going to be all about learning and learning to learn. There has been a shift in the way that organisations are run, as the speed of technology and innovation increase, being able to learn and adapt is more and more important in order to keep up. This is why so many organisations are moving to more agile ways of working, which embraces learning and allows for change.

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What learning how to ride motorbikes taught me about being agile

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I just gave a talk at the awesome Agile 25×20 about riding motorbikes and being implicitly agile, here is what it was about and the slides.

This year I finally got my motorbike licence (yay!), it was an interesting experience in learning new skills and it got me thinking about how we learn and form habits and how does this apply to agile.

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