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A tool for visualising business risk and scheduling

Risk radar chart
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I’ve just spent a week in Vienna at David J Anderson’s coaching masterclass, a 5 day look into organisational change and modern management with Kanban.

One of the subjects we spent some time looking at was managing risk and using different values to understand how to schedule work. This exercise creates criteria that decision makers can agree to, which when coupled with strategy can help work out what work should be taken on next.

Taking different types of aspects that are important to your organisation or department, like: Cost of delay (the urgency of a project / work item), Delay impact (the impact of delay on your organisation), Technical risk (how much technical risk to your organisation), Lifecycle of your offer (how often you go to market), and Market risk (from features the market expect to innovations), you can identify different shapes of projects / features which helps to understand which should be started next.

Here is that exercise as a Google doc tool that I created, you can copy and use your own version of this tool, but you would need to spend some time with decision makers to identify the aspects that you should be using in your own personal situation first.

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