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Emily Webber

Agile / lean / digital organisation consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. Author of Building Successful Communities of Practice.” Passionate about people, communities and learning.”

Company: Tacit


Company website: tacitlondon.com

Blog: emilywebber.co.uk

twitter: @ewebber


Emily Webber is a London-based independent agile and lean consultant, coach and trainer. She works with people and organisations in both the private and public sectors. She helps with their agile transformations and to develop their agile capability for sustainable change.

She was the Head of Agile Delivery at Government Digital Service (GDS), where she built, developed and led an amazing team of ~40 Agile delivery professionals and was the Agile champion across GDS and across wider government. While there, she created the model for developing communities of practice used by many governments departments. She continues to be a subject matter expert in communities of practice and created a community maturity model which she uses with many organisations and which also serves as a guide to organisations across the industry.

Emily is passionate about agile, people, learning and the magic that comes from connecting people. She is the author of “Building Successful Communities of Practice”, runs a meet-up called Agile on the Bench, blogs at emilywebber.co.uk and has a weak spot for vintage scooters.